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Parents and carers play a VITAL role in developing safe and responsible online behaviours, and school and children’s services should work with them to raise awareness of e-safety issues and risks.

Through this approach, parents and carers can help to reinforce the e- safety messages delivered elsewhere, and encourage positive behaviour wherever, and whenever, their children go online. The BIG QUESTION is, as a parent, do you know what your child is doing ON-LINE? Do you know what WEB-SITES your child accesses? Do you know what games your child is playing online or who they might be commmunicating with?

The rapid change and advances in technology mean we have to be vigilant with regards how children are using technology. For instance, if your child has a mobile phone or access to a mobile phone, do you really know what it is being used for (social media, games etc)?

Click on links below for help and support. If you have any concerns please come and talk to us.

St Anthony's School E-Safety Policy

E-Safety Sites

NEW - Tik Tok Guidance

Gaming: What Parents Need to Know

 Instagram - Commitment to Lead the Fight Against Online Bullying

Live Streaming Advice - New

Childnet International

UK Safer Internet Centre

Who Is Hosting This?

Stay Safe with Hacker - CBBC


Useful Documents

A Parent's Guide to Snapchat

What's the problem? - A guide for parents of children and young people who have got in trouble online

Young People and Social Networking Sites - Childnet


 Live My Digital, a unique video series to help you and your children to stay safe online. The series consists of six short films for parents and six matching films for children to empower your family to use social media safely and responsibly. Click on the logo above to view these.